Monday, December 7, 2009

This was my first 2002. (1971 BMW) I paid $800.00. The guy wanted 1K, but it had rust, I wanted it so it was a win win situation! The car was from Switzerland and had the Z├╝rich plates in the trunk, I really loved that... Euro 2002 Bimmer. White, rusty and needed hella work, but Carl was ready. High school kid with a vision and little dollars to spend. Tic Toc Tic Toc

I got this 2002 to a good place, not mint but a looker and runner. BMW at this time was strong with the M series and Mercedes with AMG, I loved it. I was also starting to find my way as a photographer. Photo Major @ The Academy of Art. I have to thank my high school girl friend for being kind and posing next to my car. A boy and his car and his girl friend!

 photo BMW_Christie_Euro8Cpost.jpg

I could not decide which collage design I liked better. The second one is more like pop art, the Swiss plate looks good.

 photo BMWColoradoOrange_post1.jpg

This was my next venture in 2002. Everybody gave me drama when I got the first one. White and rusty! Now I go and buy a orange BMW. Family and friends are like: Here he goes again. Yes orange, I had a plan for this color, more classic than the red car but a runner as well, BUT, photography became my new love, the car got pushed to the side for New York City.

Here in 2010 the 2002 is still an amazing automobile! When new in 1973 they sold for $4,500 off the showroom floor. Now they can go for $24,000 used good/excellent condition. I am back to looking at getting a car again and the 2002 is feeling good. Or I go Prius.

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