Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Republican Talking Heads

 America’s game for the white house. Silly shit.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Prince Paul - HipHop - Music - Producer  
Photographed at Industria Studios NYC

In honor of the anniversary of one of my favorite albums of Prince Paul "A Prince Among Thieves"
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Graffiti Artist Incognito

new york city graffiti artists Daze, Zephyr, Lee Quinones, photographed by Carl Posey

New York city Graffiti artist Lady Pink photographed by Carl Posey
new york city graffiti artist Crash One photo by Carl Posey
Carl Posey Photo of New York City Graffiti artist Lady Pink in the East Village Lower East Side
Graffiti artist Crash One New York City Photo by Carl Posey

Graffiti Artist Photo Shoot. Spray can painters of the night on the sneak. The faceless moon light artists. O.K.! I wanna do it. These cats/ kittens are more on the under and never in search of the flash light of a paparazzi. I had to act fast and wanted to keep that image of the faceless painter, even though I was hired to do portraits. On location @ night, at a gallery somewhere on the Lower East Side?

The thinking was to shot them with 2 1/4 Hasselblad, using Hensel 1200 watt strobe Batt unit. Around this time i was playing with color jells. I shot using a few jells at one time over the light lens with a multi burst for the exposure and have the light way over-exposed. So the light would bleed or pour color red over the subject. Not knowing where the light would be most heavy (polaroid) but between me and my assistant popping off different exposures to cover my artist's face and get a portrait. This was my attempt. I got the chromes back from the lab. Kept graffiti artists Incognito! (Lady Pink, Daze, Zephyr, Lee Quinones)


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